About TechAddiction (primary site)

This blog is a companion to the primary TechAddiction website.

The primary site offers help and information for people struggling with videogame or internet addictions. It provides recovery advice, monthly tips, videos, news, research findings, forums, and downloadable  self-help workbooks.

TechAddiction was created and is maintained by Halifax Psychologist Dr. Brent Conrad. Compared to the TechAddictionBlog (which you are reading right now), it has a more serious tone and more focused goals:

1) To help people identify when they have developed excessive gaming or internet use

2) To help visitors learn more about the symtoms and causes of gaming and online addiction

3) To help users develop healthier videogaming and online habits and regain control of their lives


Halifax Psychologists – Green Leaf Psychological Services

Bedford Psychologists – Bedford, Nova Scotia

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