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UK ISPs say “No porn for you in public places”

Online pornography will soon be blocked in public places in the UK.

filter internet porn

I think you can wait until later…

According to this report, the six major Internet service providers in the UK have agreed to block online porn in public places such as “public transport and sports venues”.

The article is vague about exactly how they plan to do this. I’m assuming that it will only apply to free public Wi-Fi (for example libraries, malls, coffee shops, etc.).

However, I have no idea how it would be possible to filter it on public transportation for people using their own data plans – unless there is also free Wi-Fi on buses and in the Tube? UK readers, is this true?

Regardless, what do you think about this plan? Would you like to see similar filtering methods used in your country? Yes, I suppose it is a form of censorship, but would anyone argue that they have a right to watch porn in public?  


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