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Sexting: Child pornography or self-expression?

A researcher at the annual meeting of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences argues that ‘sexting’ (sending nude or provocative pictures to a boyfriend or girlfriend via cellphone) is “is really just a modern variation on playing doctor or spin the bottle.”

“Technology does change things, and there can be very serious consequences,” Prof. Cumming said. “But that obscures the fact that children and young people are sexual beings who have explored their sexuality in all times, and all cultures and all places. A distinction has to be made between nudity and child porn,” he added.

“When a teenage girl knowingly sends provocative pictures of herself to friends or a boyfriend, is she guilty of child pornography or simply practising self-expression?”

Thinking twice before hitting "send"

Think twice before hitting "send"



 A complicated issue – which side do you fall on?

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