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Man marries video game character

A man in Guam was recently married to his “Love Plus” girlfriend Nene Anegasaki. The virtual Nene attended curtosey of a Nintendo DS and the marriage was open to reporters and broadcast on a webcam.

Your skin is so soft and...pixelated?

 “There’s no word on honeymoon plans, but the two will be holding a small reception for family, close friends and the internet.”

So I guess this means that any children they have would be Virtual Boys  (and girls).

Yes, I know, bad joke.

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Females make up almost half of console gamers

A new survey by NPD has found that almost half (44%) of current generation console gamers are female.

"Um, what's NPD?"

"Um, what's NPD?"

Although the number of adult female gamers is growing, the largest proportion is still in the 2 – 12-year-old range.

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Percentage of female gamers increases in 2009

According a NPD survey of 20,000 individuals, the percentage of females who play videogames increased from 23% in 2008 to 28% in 2009.

Not just for XY anymore

Not just for XY anymore

Other findings:

– Female gamers in the “extreme” category (more than 39 hours per week) increased by 4%

– 39% of total gaming time is spent with online games

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