Racial differences in video game preferences

Study finds that MMOs and FPS video games are most often associated with problematic gaming. Also, what kinds of games are preferred by different racial groups?

race and video games

Association between race and preferred video games?

The finding that MMO and FPS games are more likely to be linked to problematic or unhealthy play is not unexpected given previous research.

Somewhat more interesting are the gaming habits of different ethnicities / races.

Caucasians: Role-playing and strategy games
African Americans: Sports and gambling
Latino: Platformers

The study itself presents the findings, but doesn’t spend a lot of time discussing why certain races seem to prefer certain game genres.

Given that we are talking about racial differences I know this may be asking for trouble, but why do you think this is?

Any theories on the different preferences? If you are going to comment, keep it respectful please.

Original Article: Racial Differences in Video Game Preference


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  1. Reblogged this on The Sociology of Videogames and commented:
    Interesting Study. I would love to know more about their methodology and findings. I don’t even know where to start to try and interpret the findings.

    • It was an online survey with randomly selected adult participants. It seems as though the main focus of the study was to look at how different types of games may be associated with problematic use.

      However, the findings about race are more interesting IMO.

      The study mostly just reports the data (which is disappointing – a few theories on the racial differences would have been interesting) but does state:

      “Perhaps the preference for gambling games is simply an extension of the aforementioned demographic findings; as African Americans are more likely to be problematic gamblers”

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