Parents Push to Ban WiFi in Schools

Posted by Dr. Brent Conrad from

Parents’ advocacy groups in Canada and the US are successfully getting schools to ban wireless internet access due to health concerns.

Awww, don't cry little guy

It seems as though there have been more of these stories over the last year or so.

Although I think that keeping phones out of the classroom is a good idea (you are there to learn, not text, right?), is banning wifi in public places based on evidence or unjustified fear?

Points from the story:

  • In May of 2011 the World Health Organization classified the RF signals sent via cell phones and wifi connections as “possibly carcinogenic”
  • Health Canada states that there is “strong evidence” that current exposure levels to wifi signals are not dangerous and no additional precautions are necessary
  • Some parents believe that their children have experienced headaches, nausea and heart problems due to exposure to wifi signals
  • Magda Havas, a Trent University professor argues that there is research showing that exposure to radio frequencies leads to an increase in tumors for rats
  • Dave Michelson, an electrical engineering professor at the University of British Columbia believes that wireless internet is safe and that groups trying to enforce bans are doing more harm than good

What do you think? Is our precious wifi access slowly killing us (get in line wifi, you have a lot of competition), or is this just a “sky is falling” overreaction with not enough evidence to back it up?  

Original Article: WiFi foes fight to rid schools of wireless Internet


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  1. There’s a new Android app to help measure your WiFi exposure:

    – it seems pretty simple to use, and gives a good indication of your risk level.

  2. There’s a free app to help monitor wifi exposure:

  3. The problem is not with the kids…its the adults. There is a 5 to 1 ratio (adults to kids) addiction of this type, much more an adult issue. IT STARTS WITH THE ADULTS. Please like if you believe it should be not just parenting but “Peer” Pressure!

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