Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer promotes bullying says psychologist

Promotes bullying?

In the near future I intend to write a few articles on online bullying at Several recent teen suicides that appear to be connected to online bullying have brought more attention to this issue.
I do think that that this is a real problem and one that parents especially need to be aware of.
Do you really think that we need to ban classic cartoons such as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer because it “encourages bullying”?
One psychologist apparently thinks so.
Quotes George Giulani:
“Throughout the entire movie, Santa Clause is saying ‘you cannot be on my team because you have a disability.”
I disagree. To portray Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer as “pro-bullying” or somehow justifying the mistreatment of others just seems too extreme, misguided, and completely misses the many positive messages in this Christmas classic (for example, recognizing your talents, being proud of being unique, proving that you are capable of something, not giving up, etc, etc. etc.).
I am wrong here? What do you think?  
Original video:

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  1. Yes, let’s kill FOX NEWS for even airing a TRASH STORY AGAIN

  2. The medium..the message
    Fox23News:trash journalism/trash viewers, void of critical matter between the ears.
    “psycholigist”,don’t quit your day job; Dr.Phil isn’t going anywhere soon.
    APA. This is a classic case of The Accused(1988);when a so-called credible association stands by while One of their own commits a crime against the profession.
    Bullying and Violence:Hauled by the ear,perched on a hard cold bench, forced to look at the horrifying “art”, I sat in fear,Sunday after Sunday in church. Throughout the Christmas holidays, I was bullied (guilt) to watch The Crucifixion of Christ (and others). Not one but three,in a row, nailed with spikes, bleeding, taunted,ridiculed while people stood by and watched but did nothing to prevent it. I learned that I do not want to die by one of the cruelist most grotesque forms of torture. And as far as principles, cild or adult,I choose Rudolph!

  3. Did I hear you correctly? SANTA promotes bullying? WTF? Do you really have a degree as a psychologist?? IF you do, which I doubt….they need to revolk it, and your liscense……NO ONE should get by with pickin’ on SANTA!!! You are the one attempting to BULLY everyone into thinking like you…(if you consider that thinking!) I personally think you need something worthwhile to occupy your time!!

  4. Bah Leave cartoons alone. There’s shows today like Degrassi and so on that shows a lot bout bullying and drugs and such. Cartoons are meant for fun and really people need to stop being butt hurt over being bullied I mean I’ve been bullied but I never cried about it. Honestly it ticks me off when people say things about cartoons but never take action towards tv shows today that do more with garbage. If you watch Rudolph there’s a reason for the story line yea it did seem harsh what Santa said but I guess he thought he couldn’t be able to fly or something with that nose not to bullied. Kids only attempt suicide for a pitty reason. Harsh I know but you have to be hard on people. I hate kids are being picked on and such but remember this is a cartoon okay its meant to have a story on where Rudolph came from and shows what happens at the end when he becomes a hero. It’s a great cartoon I grew up to it but if you take it away then take away degrassi, Jersey Shores, American Idol. Because they say harsh things on there for example AI judges make fun of people the way they sing and way they dressed and such! That’s bullying!

  5. Umm, yeah,, lets just tell our children that there is no such thing as bulling and MAYBE it will go away! and lets not show anything like Rudolph the red nose reindeer who overcame the bullies in his life and GOT OVER iT! lets just let our children grow up to be little pansies who let people walk all over them cause guess what there ARE bullies in this world and if you don’t know how to deal with being bullied then you are always going to be the victim. Oh am I bulling you by saying this? I’m sorry you can go back into your perfect world now cause I’m done!

  6. We are liberals…and this is leftist bullshit. Another adult looking for devils outside his own person.

  7. I would never speak out of turn especially in a public interview. Talking over someone else means the he is trying to suppress them… Also known as BULLYING. It is a problem but he is part of it.

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