Abusive Relationship Simulated By iPhone App

Ever wonder what it’s like to be digitally harassed by a teenager? Now you, too, can receive inappropriate text messages, emails and phone calls. Yay?

Charming fellow isn't he?

 “Love is not abuse” is an iPhone app that simulates teenage relationship cruelty and mistreatment.

Once the app is launched a public service message appears featuring Project Runway’s Tim Gunn and Judge Jeanine Pirro. Then a series of lessons appear and you can run simulations of abuse. Immediately your cell phone will start ringing, a series of bizarre text messages will pop up and you’ll recieve emails. Keep in mind, you have to enter your phone number and email address to get the full effect.

Anyone feel like the app creator just found a brilliant way to collect our phone numbers and email addresses? Here’s a tip: use a junk email address and a Google phone number, if you have one.

Exactly what’s the purpose of all this? 
App creator Liz Claiborne Inc. hopes that showing symptoms of abuse will help parents spot if their kids are being victimized.

According to the organization’s website, “A common characteristic of unhealthy and abusive relationships is the control that the abusive partner seeks to maintain in the relationship. This includes telling someone what to wear, where they can go, who they can hang out with, calling them names, humiliating them in front of others.”

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