New book for parents on how to help children addicted to video games is released

Not many blog posts here recently as I have been very busy writing TechAddiction’s second book How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games – A Guide for Parents.

After many months, the book is finally ready and I have to say I am quite happy with the final result. Every day I get requests from parents on recommended books for dealing with video game addictions in kids. I have probably read just about every book on this topic but I just could not find a book that offered what I was looking for: A clear, comprehensive, step-by-step, always up to date,  workbook-style manual that not only educates, but describes exactly how to address video game addictions in teens and children.

With over 200 pages of specific tips, strategies, and interventions as well as detailed analyses of conversations between parents and children in the midst of a game addiction…I have tried to produce the most helpful and practical book available online or in print on this topic.

Hopefully I have succeeded.

How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games – A Guide for Parents

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  1. Sounds promising. My 14 year old starts playing games as soon as he gets home from school and stays on for hours. I know it is my fault for letting it get to this point but he doesn’t listen to me at all anymore. I’m lost 😦 I may have to take a look at this.

  2. It’s kind of sad that a book like this is even needed, but I guess its good that it does. Do kids even play outside anymore? Maybe some parents are just happy that their kids are occupied and are not bothering them. Every time i go to one of my friend’s house her kids are always playing video games, like for 5 hours nonstop. What kind of childhood is this?

  3. i play video game every day (i’m 15 btw) and I still get 90s in school. just because some kids play too much doesn’t mean that everyone gets addicted.

    • techaddiction1

      Hi CR – thanks for sharing.

      It is great to hear that you are doing so well in school – congrats! I actually agree with you 100% – not everyone who plays video games becomes addicted. In fact, most people (kids and teens included) seem to be able to play in moderation while still making time for other important priorities (like school for you).

      This book was written for the parents of children and teens who can’t seem to find a balance between video games and other activities. Thankfully this is not everyone who plays games – otherwise we would have a much much bigger problem to deal with!


  4. Our 17 year old son was (is?) also addicted to video games. He plays wow every day. Like Jen’s son he would start playing as soon as he got home from school and would keep playing until we forced him to get off. Every night, every weekend nothing but playing wow. His grades started to drop 2 years ago and he went from being a solid B+ student with a few As here and there to failing half his classes. I think our biggest mistake was not doing something about earlier but yes we made the stupid assumption that it couldn’t happen to us. Wrong. Rigt now we are trying to keep him at 2 hours a day but it is BRUTAL! We may need to try something else. I don;t care what anyone else says, video game addiction is real because I’m living with it right now.

  5. My friend plays wow every day. Sometimes he plays 6 or 7 hours without taking a break. I definitely think he is addicted, but what can I do, it’s his life. I used to play but I saw that all my time was being sucked into the game and i didn’t want to end up like him. Uninstalled the game and never looked back. Too bad everyone can’t do this.

  6. Great blog ad a great website. Hope the book works well for you. Glad to join the growing team of people who are concerned about he effects of excessive gaming.

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