President of the Entertainment Software Association has Doubts about Game Addiction Study

Following up on the previous post regarding videogame addiction in children, Michael Gallagher, the president of Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has challenged the conclusions of the researchers and suggests that the study used “flawed methodology.”

Mike Gallagher - President of the ESA

Mike Gallagher - President of the ESA

 “Gallagher goes on to point out that Gentile conceded in an interview that he was unaware that the sample group for the study was not randomly chosen, but instead comprised of a ‘convenience’ sample of individuals who agreed to participate in the survey.”

This is often a problem you run into when conducting research – true random selection is quite elusive and samples of convenience are certainly not as desirable.

The question is, on a survey asking about videogame habits, who is most likely to respond – those who are light or moderate players, or those who play excessively?

Obviously, your sample selection influences your results – and I suspect that such a study may over-sample somewhat on the hard-core gamer side.

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