Peter Molyneux interviewed on Milo And Kate

Microsoft’s “Milo” demo at E3 seems to be generating a lot of interest / debate. Using the “Project Natal” technology, an actor talks to a virtual boy (Milo) who interacts with her, appears to understand her, and holds a conversation.

If you havn’t already viewed it, here it is:

“The key thing there is that it seems real. I’m not pretending we’ve cracked the hardest problem of AI; I’m not saying this is the start of Cyberdyne Systems from Terminator.”

“The interesting thing is this uncanny valley and how we’re breaking through it. People who experience Milo really go away believing they can talk to him.”


Fascinating...but still a little creepy

Fascinating...but still a little creepy

Interesting for sure. Apparently this is more than just a tech demo and the development of an actual “game” is well underway. Just how much of this short interaction was tightly scripted remains to be seen though.

Interview on the “tricks” behind the demo here

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