One in twelve gamers “addicted”

Another study on gaming addiction – this time by researchers in Australia. The team surveyed close to 2000 online gamers and determined that approximately 8% would be considered addicted (according to their definition of “addiction”).

Familiar stats on gaming addiction

Familiar stats on gaming addiction

 “Their whole lives revolve around this activity and there  certainly seems to be a problem there – there is an addiction.”

Once again we see a finding very consistent with the estimate that 5%-10% of gamers have excessive habits that may be considered an addiction.

However, it is worth noting that this was an online survey with self-selected respondents – which inevitably introduces a degree of bias into the study. Still, this finding is quite consistent with other research. The 5%-10% estimate is starting to look pretty accurate.

I think the next logical step would be to break down these stats into the type of game being played. If  the number collapsed across all games sits at 8%, my guess is that it would be significantly higher for MMORPGs and quite a bit lower for most other genres.

On a positive note, according to this study 92% of gamers have relatively healthy gaming  patterns!

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